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Terms and conditions of online bidding

§ 1. 


The object of the online auction conducted by Fans4club sp. z o.o. Libelta 29A/9, 61-707 Poznan/Poland (collectively “Fans4club“) within the project “Misericordes” are the following items, which are the property of Gospodarczej Archidiecezji Krakowskiej (collectively the “seller“):

  1. Autographed Stéphane Lefebvre’s gloves - initial bid: 300 PLN; minimum bid increment: 3 PLN.

  2. Autographed Piotr Fetela’s T-shirt - initial bid: 300 PLN; minimum bid increment: 3 PLN.

  3. Starting T-shirt of Rafał Sonik - initial bid: 500 PLN; minimum bid increment: 5 PLN.

  4. Argentina’s desert sand from 2nd stage of Dakar 2015 - initial bid: 500 PLN; minimum bid increment: 5 PLN.

  5. Krzysztof Hołowczyc’s Cup - initial bid: 500 PLN; minimum bid increment: 5 PLN.

  6. Jakub Błaszczykowski’s national team jersey - initial bid: 500 PLN; minimum bid increment: 5 PLN.

  7. Pope Francis’ shoes - initial bid: 1000 PLN; minimum bid increment: 10 PLN.

  8. Pope’s stole replica - initial bid: 10000 PLN; minimum bid increment: 100 PLN.

  9. Pope’s Colnago bicycle - initial bid: 20000 PLN; minimum bid increment: 200 PLN.


§ 2.


The online auction will be conducted for each item separately on the web site (the “site”) via e-mails sent by bidders that include an offer to purchase one of the offered items (the item of interest must be mentioned in the content of the e-mail) to: The condition for participation in the online auction is the possession of a valid e-mail address with which the bidder will be bidding on the item of interest.


§ 3.


Fans4club ensures to protect the privacy of the bidders that take part in the auction and provide the data: first name, last name, company name, auction number and bid. Personal data such as first name, last name and company name will not be published to other bidders until the auction will be won. Immediately after the auction has ended Fans4club will publish personal data of the highest bidder on the site. The bidder allows the seller to use his personal data in order to complete the transaction already with the initial bid and to publish his personal data on the site.


§ 4.


The online auction begins on 23rd of August 2016 at 9.00 a.m. UTC+2 and ends on 15th of September 2016 at 17.00 p.m. UTC+2.


§ 5.


All outbids will be managed by Fans4club on each item separately. If more than one bidder placed the same bid on one item, the bid that was placed first (according to the receipt of the e-mail on the Fans4club account) will be the one leading the auction. In such case other bidders that have placed the same bid will be informed via e-mail immediately by Fans4club that it is necessary to act unless their offer will be outbid directly.


§ 6.


During the auction the bidders will be able to observe the information regarding the highest bid in real time. Until the end of the auction the personal information of the bidders will not be published. A bid placed by the bidder will not be binding when another bidder has placed a higher bid.


§ 7.


Fans4club will update the information about the highest bid on the site in real time and will also inform the bidders about the current highest bid until the auction ends. Fans4club will inform the winner of the auction via e-mail.


§ 8.


The bids placed within the auction are binding for the participants of the transaction (seller and bidders) until the end of the transaction or until the retraction by the seller. The retraction of a bid can take place solely before the end of the transaction as a result of one of the following circumstances:

  1. On the request of a bidder.
  2. As result of other justified reasons because of which the bidder is not trustworthy for the buyer.
  3. In case of termination of the transaction without any result as specified in article 10.


§ 9.


The termination of a transaction is set by the time period it was planned. A sooner termination of the transaction will take place should the seller make an appropriate decision as specified in article 10.


§ 10.


The seller can terminate the auction at any time. The winner of the auction will in such a case be the bidder that will place the highest bid at the time of termination of the auction.


§ 11.


The seller can charge the buyer (bidder) with the actual cost of delivery besides the price of the item itself.


§ 12.


The contract between the seller and the winner of the auction is concluded with the bidder that has placed the highest bid at the end of the auction.


§ 13.


Fans4club is not liable for the behavior of the bidders on the site, the compliance of the contract and takes no liability for acts of the bidders and other persons that are not in accordance to these terms and conditions and the law. Fans4club is not liable for the quality, security or legality of the items that will be sold during the transaction, the authenticity of the information provided by the bidders and the solvency of the bidders in terms of capability to purchase the items. Fans4club is not liable for the non-realization of the contract for the items of an auction.


§ 14.


The buyer is obligated to complete the transaction of a purchase of an item within three (3) days after the termination of the auction and the reception of the e-mail that will be sent to him after the auction.