How it works

How it works

Get to know
the project
Choose unique reward
and pledge
Inform your friends
and realise great goals together

What is We4Charity?

We4Charity is a place where you can collect money for charity goals giving the backers unique rewards in return.

How it works

Need money for
a meaningful goal?
Prepare the project together
with the We4Charity team
Inform backers and realize
a meaningful goal together
Start a project

Why We4Charity?

You get money for an important goal
You realize the goal together with the community for which the goal is important
You cooperate with the experianced and qualified team of specialists
You run the project on efficient and innovative platform dedicated to charity organizations
Start a project


Who can be a campaigner?
Foundation, charity association or church organization registered and accepted by WE4CHARITY.COM can organize projects.
What information is necessary to register campaigner on WE4CHARITY.COM?
In order to register campaigners must provide information such as: campaigners name, the city, the country, a cover picture, the campaigners logo, the currency in which they would like to organize the project and contact information. Next, click on “Send for acceptance”
When you can add Project?
You can add projects after acceptance of campaigner from WECHARITY.COM team.
What information do I need to prepare the Project?
Preparation of the project needs: financial goal, project duration, graphics and multimedia, project description and rewards.
Who prepares the project?
The projects are prepared by the campaigners themselves with the help of WE4CHARITY.COM.
Can I count on your help?
What kind of help can I expect?
We help prepare text, graphics and multimedia. We have experience in creating lists of rewards, an important part of the process. That is why we use all of our experience to help you.
When will my project be published?
The project will appear on the page after the acceptance from WE4CHARITY.COM team.
Can campaigner have more than one project at a time?
Yes, but…the amount of projects a campaigner may take part is limited by the amount of work each project requires. If a campaigner can handle more than one project at a time it is free to have as many as it wishes. In our opinion it is better to have one project at a time and prepare the next one later.
Is there a limit of the amount of projects a campaigner can have? For example, during one year?
It all depends on whether the campaigner is able to handle a large amount of good projects that backers will support. If the answer is yes then you should do so. Backers and campaigners should work together.
For what goals I can collect money?
Project goal is always set by you together with the WE4CHARITY.COM team. We will collectively choose a goal that will bring much satisfaction and proud after achieving it. Only such goals will be taken into consideration.
How much can I collect?
WE4CHARITY.COM doesn’t limit the financial goal for campaigners to collect with the backers.
Is it possible for the project not to work?
There is always a risk, however not a big one. After completion of the project every campaigner receives the money raised regardless of whether it has reached its goal. Realizing the project goal is your responsibility and decision, so if the financial goal isn’t met, it’s up to you. You have to send rewards to backers who have taken part in the project.
What can I offer backers who take part in the project?
Rewards must fulfil two requirements, they must be amazing and deliverable. Everything else is up to the imagination and ideas of the campaigner. WE4CHARITY.COM strives for the purpose of the project and the rewards to be inspiring and exciting for backers to take part.
How much time do I have to deliver the rewards?
It’s you who indicates the time of the rewards delivery. It’s important that it doesn’t take too long as this will deter backers from pledging.
Who are the ambassadors?
Ambassadors are well know people. We believe that the charity goals are something that connects people. We always try to include celebrities who will entice backers to take part in the projects.
Who are the partners?
Partners are entities which take direct part in the project but not financially.
Who are the sponsors?
Sponsors are entities which take part financially in the project.
Who are the media patrons?
Media parters are entities with your acceptance which goals are to promote the project through their own media channels.
How much does it cost?
All costs are indicated in the section: Fees.
Which payment services are available on WE4CHARITY.COM?
The current providers of payment methods on WE4CHARITY are: PayPal and First Data.
Where are the funds kept during the project?
The funds are kept in your account on payment provider’s account.
When do I receive the funds for the project?
Funds are transferred directly to your Paypal or First Data account.
What happens to the funds if the goal of the project isn’t reached?
The funds are transferred to you. For pledges made you are responsible for delivering the rewards defined in the project.
How much commission does WE4CHARITY.COM charge?
Remuneration is set in the separate contract containing costs of the project’s realization.
How much commission do the payment services charge?
Commission depends on the chosen payment method. On WE4CHARITY.COM currently available are: bank transfers, payment cards, PayPal, Blik and MasterPass.
Does it cost anything to register a project?
No, WE4CHARITY.COM doesn’t charge anything for registering a project.