How it works

How it works

Get to know
the project
Choose unique reward
and pledge
Inform your friends
and realise great goals together

What is We4Charity?

We4Charity is a place where you can back charity projects and get unique rewards in return

How it works

Find a project
and check it out
Choose unique reward
and make a payment
Let your friends know
and realize meaningful goal together
Back the project

Why We4Charity

You participate in realization of a meaningful goal
You get unique rewards
You become a part of society for which the backed project is as important as it is for you
You can back charity projects from around the world
Back the project


For backers
Can I see a list of backers who have joined a project on the project’s page?
Yes. Simply click on “Backers” on the project page.
Can I join a project and remain anonymous to other backers?
Yes. After clicking “Select this reward” it is possible to choose this option. Backers will only be visible to the Campaigner for the purpose of issuing rewards.
Will the amount I’ve pledged be visible to the public?
No. Such information will not be made available to the public, only Campaigner will have access to such information.
What information will the Campaigner receive about me once I join the project?
The Campaigner receives only the information which is essential to give rewards and deliver them to backers.
Will I be informed about the progress of the projects which I am backing?
Yes, of course we would like backers to have the most up-to-date information about projects in which they are taking part. At the same time, we do not wish to junk up your mailbox so we will only send emails containing vital information.
What if I have a question regarding the project?
It will be easiest to ask the Campaigner of the project. That’s why each project has an address where backers can get all of the necessary information.
How often can I take part in the same project?
There is no limit. The more the better.
Can I cancel my donation?
Please think your decision carefully because we don’t cancel donations.
Who is responsible for meeting the goals of the projects?
Only the Campaigner of the project is responsible.
What happens if the Campaigner’s project goals aren’t met?
At WE4CHARITY.COM it doesn’t matter if the Campaigners goals aren’t met, backers still receive the rewards they’ve earned through the project. In the event that the goal is not met, WE4CHARITY.COM gives the collected amount to the Campaigner and leaves it to them to decide how to reach the remainder of their goals.
What if the Camapigner exceeds the goal?
In life costs often exceed initial estimates, having additional funds only helps ensure that the project will be completed. If the amount raised is significantly greater than the cost of the project, the Campaigner will surely be able to think of other worthwhile projects and happily share information about these with backers.
How does the Campaigner get the rewards to the backers?
Once you’ve chosen rewards to be sent, it will be necessary to provide your address. This information will be necessary to ship the package.
Where can I find information about delivery times for rewards?
Each reward in the project is listed with an approximate delivery time.
What if I don’t receive my rewards within the delivery time?
If this is the case, please contact the campaigner at the address given on each project.
Is it possible that I will not receive my rewards if the campaigner doesn’t reach its goals?
There is no such risk. Backers always receive the rewards for pledges.
How much commission does WE4CHARITY.COM charge?
Remuneration is set in the separate contract containing costs of the project’s realization.
How much commission do the payment services charge?
Commission depends on the chosen payment method. On WE4CHARITY.COM currently available are: bank transfers, payment cards, PayPal, Blik and MasterPass.
Does it cost anything to register a project?
No, WE4CHARITY.COM doesn’t charge anything for registering a project.